Supplier Resources

Standard PO Terms & Conditions 

Current suppliers should log in to Coupa Supplier Portal to view Ball’s standard terms and conditions.


Suppliers can find opportunities to connect and collaborate with Ball across the entire sourcing process through the Coupa online portal.

The Coupa platform provides a secure and transparent way for suppliers to learn more about Ball’s procurement needs, submit proposals, and find opportunities to partner. Using the online portal, new and prospective Ball suppliers can:

  • Identify opportunities to collaborate and learn precise information about Ball’s requirements
  • Bid and compete fairly for Ball’s business by participating in eAuctions – English Reverse Auction, Dutch Reverse Auction, and RFx Events – Requests for Information (RFIs), Requests for Quotations (RFQs) and Requests for Proposals (RFPs), 
  • Learn about Ball’s evaluation criteria – ensuring a competitive and transparent sourcing process

Link to instructions - All about Coupa Sourcing Events | Coupa Suppliers

Information specific to suppliers & subcontractors in North America

Ball requires its suppliers and subcontracts that will be working on site at Ball facilities to follow and adhere to the General Work Rules for Suppliers and Subcontractors.

Contractor compliance program (in the US and Canada)

Ball has partnered with ISN to implement a system/process that protects service providers and Ball. The ISN program ensures the right insurance is in place and that certain safety guidelines are followed in order to mitigate risk and ensure the safety of all persons working at Ball's facilities.

What is ISN and ISNetworld®?

ISN is Ball's third party partner that specializes in contractor and information management. ISNetworld® is ISN's platform for storing contractor data, sharing industry best practices, and benchmarking peformance to ensure contractor and supplier risk is assessed and monitored. 

Which suppliers are required to subscribe to ISNetworld®?
Service providers that are considered “high risk” by Ball (based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to, being on-site, having access to operations and/or a direct role in site operations or maintenance, working in spaces and/or on operating systems that are considered hazardous) that provide services to Ball.
Where has this program been implemented?
Ball’s ISN program currently applies to Ball’s Cups, Beverage, Aerosol, and Corporate businesses in the United States and Whitby, Canada.  “High risk” suppliers that provide services to these divisions in these regions are required to subscribe to ISNetworld®.
How much does it cost?
An annual fee and initial enrollment fee (if the company is a first-time ISN customer) are based on the number of employees. Annual fees and initial setup fees (as of Jan 2022) for a company with less than 5 employees are $825 and $135, respectively, and increase thereafter as the number of employees increases.  If the contractor company is already enrolled in ISN, there is no fee to connect with Ball.  Please visit ISNetworld’s Frequently Asked Questions site here for more information about the benefits of joining ISNetworld and the costs to join.
What information or documentation are suppliers required to provide to ISN?
ISN requires that contractors submit specific written Environment, Health, and Safety (EH&S) written programs based on the type(s) of services to be performed as identified during enrollment. Training records for the aforementioned written programs, safety statistics, experience modification rate, several safety-related acknowledgments and a certificate of insurance must also be provided.
What happens after all the information has been uploaded by the supplier?
Once all of the required documentation has been provided by the high risk supplier, ISN reviews the submitted data, and assigns a grade (A, B, C, F) to the contactor.
How long does this process typically take?
Most suppliers have the documents required for enrollment readily available. The time commitment to upload and become compliant will depend on the company but should not take more than 60 minutes for most suppliers. New suppliers have up to eight (8) weeks to enroll and become compliant in ISN.
Is joining ISN truly required for a contractor to provide services to Ball?
Joining ISN is a condition of doing business with Ball for all high risk service providers. An initial PO may be issued to a new supplier that is pending approval by ISN, but no subsequent POs may be issued until the supplier has received a passing grade (C or higher) from ISN and meets Ball’s minimum requirements. Ball is unable to purchase services from high risk suppliers on a Purchasing Card (P-Card).  Services provided by a high risk supplier may only begin once a supplier has been properly onboarded and a Purchase Order is in place.

Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Suppliers that plan to pass travel and expenses through to Ball must ensure that such expenses align to Ball’s Travel & Expenses Policy for Ball employees and any relevant contractual provisions. Any reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by a supplier necessary for the performance of services must be preapproved in writing in advance by an authorized Ball representative. Pass through expenses to Ball will have a zero percent (0%) mark-up and supplier will submit evidence of expenses as Ball may reasonably request. Key guidelines are as follows:

  • Airfare. Subject to availability, a supplier will obtain the lowest-cost, refundable, changeable, economy class, direct (or, if direct flights are unavailable, indirect) fares when traveling by air. If Ball requests in advance that a supplier purchase non-refundable and/or non-changeable tickets, Ball agrees to reimburse the supplier for any scheduled non-refundable and/or non-changeable tickets that are cancelled and/or rescheduled at Ball’s request.
  • Ground Travel. Suppliers will use the most economical form of ground travel available (subject to project timing requirements), which may include personal vehicles, rental cars, airport or hotel shuttle buses, and/or taxis.  Ball will not reimburse suppliers’ employees and resources living within forty-five (45) miles of Ball’s facilities for travel expenses commuting to and from Ball’s locations.
  • Lodging. If available, suppliers will stay at hotels with corporate discounts.  If Ball’s corporate rate is more favorable than a supplier’s corporate rate, and Ball authorizes a supplier to use Ball’s corporate rate when booking, supplier must agree to do so. The maximum reimbursable lodging expense is the room rate, plus reasonable communications charges used in the performance of services and any applicable taxes.  Suppliers shall not request reimbursement of other items on their hotel bills.
  • Per Diem Expenses. In lieu of actual meal expenses, a per diem rate aligned to Ball’s per diem rate for employees for business travel is applicable to suppliers unless otherwise mutually agreed upon. To qualify for a per diem allowance, a project staff member of supplier must: (A) have at least one overnight stay away from their residence; and (B) be working at least 100 miles (160 km) from both their usual place of work and residence.

Data Security Requirements

Suppliers must implement technical and organizational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to protect Ball data from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure, or access. Such measures shall be written and shall be updated as needed to meet legal requirements and best practices, including practices as stringent as those set out in ISO 27001 and ISO 27017) or other generally accepted authoritative standards (e.g., SSAE 16, SOC2). Supplier shall: maintain inventories of all computing equipment and media used in connection with any processing of Ball data, restrict access to such data to authorized personnel with a need to access such data, ensure separate and unique usernames with strong complexity and length requirements for all individuals with access to Ball data, follow best practices to authenticate any users with access, encrypt all proprietary data with Services using ciphers at least as strong as 256-bit AES, utilizes an enterprise-class security information and event management (SIEM) system and maintains firewalls to control access to its networks, patch and secure its networks, conduct vulnerability testing of its networks, maintain anti-malware controls, implement physical safeguards, backup data 24/7 and maintain backups for at least 180 days, destroy, delete, or make unrecoverable proprietary data upon disposal. Suppliers must notify Ball of any breach or suspected breach within 24 hours of knowledge of the same, and take all reasonable efforts to minimize the effect and impact of such breach.

Use of name and logo

Unless Ball has provided prior written consent, a supplier may not use or permit the use of the word “Ball” or any similar word, names, logos, trademarks, trade names, or other marks of Ball Corporation or any of its Affiliates including, but not limited to, in the description of or in the marketing of goods or services provided by supplier, or in any manner advertise or publish the fact that supplier has contracted to furnish goods or services pursuant to any contract or purchase order.

Supplier Quality

Responsibilities of Ball’s Supplier Quality Team

Ball is committed to ensuring its products are safe, of high quality, and regulatory compliant.  The Supplier Quality organization at Ball works with direct materials suppliers to:

  • Develop strategic partnerships
  • Identify, track, and resolve quality issues
  • Assess and qualify key raw material suppliers
  • Measure, monitor and communicate supplier performance
  • Conduct supplier reviews

Supplier Scorecards

Key suppliers of direct materials will be assessed on a regular basis based on the following performance categories:

  • Quality
    • Timely resolution of quality issues
    • Product performance
    • Product reject rate
    • Process capability (PpK)
  • Delivery and Service
    • On-time and in-full
    • Supplier trip reports issued
    • Claims settlement

Supplier Quality Manual 

Ball’s Supplier Quality Manual sets forth Ball’s food safety, quality and regulatory compliance requirements and the process Ball uses to initially qualify and subsequently manage the relationship with its suppliers.  Suppliers of metals, food contact chemicals, processing aids and food contact packaging should contact their primary contact in Procurement or Supplier Quality to obtain the latest version of Ball’s Supplier Quality Manual.