Power of 10

Power of 10

Ensuring our future is as bright as our past

In order to look forward with certainty, we need to fully understand the past. Ball began in 1880 with five brothers and a dream. We know who we are – we take pride in our rich history, our tradition of delivering value to our stakeholders.

We understand and appreciate the road that brought us to where we are today, and we believe our heritage is a competitive advantage – offering a strong foundation for future success. Not only that, but we have a clear path to attain that success. We call it “Drive for 10.”

Our Drive for 10 vision identifies these five levers as key to growing our business and achieving long-term success:

  • Maximizing value in all of our businesses
  • Expanding into new products and capabilities
  • Aligning ourselves with the right customers and markets
  • Broadening our geographic reach
  • Leveraging our know-how and technological expertise to provide a competitive advantage

We Know Who We Are

Proud of our rich history, we recognize the whole of our company is greater than the sum of its parts. Most importantly, we believe in our people, our culture and our ability to deliver value to all our stakeholders. We embrace diversity and foster inclusivity because we are “One Ball,” valuing:
•    Uncompromising Integrity
•    Being Close to Our Customers
•    Behaving Like Owners
•    Focusing on Attention to Detail
•    Being Innovative

We Know Where We Are Going

We believe the bottom line and greater good both benefit from focusing on the long view. We will continually strive for excellence and long-term sustainable growth as we pursue our strategy of:
•    Maximizing value in our existing businesses
•    Expanding into new products and capabilities
•    Aligning ourselves with the right customers and markets
•    Broadening our geographic reach
•    Leveraging our know-how and technological expertise to provide a competitive advantage

We Know What is Important

To reach our goals and achieve long-term success, we must excel in these areas:

Customer Focus 

We must be a strategic partner to help our customers win.  


We must be responsible for what we make, how we make it, and how we treat the people we work and live with, focusing on our economic, environmental and social impacts. 

People and Culture Focus

We must leverage the power of “we, not me” to attract and cultivate the best people, providing them with a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment where everyone belongs and can bring their authentic selves to work. 

Operational Excellence

We must continually drive efficiencies to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of our products and operations.

Innovation and Business Development

We must proactively develop products and solutions for our customers’ and consumers’ biggest challenges, while driving profitable growth.