We learn together and celebrate as one

We learn together and celebrate as one

Join us to create new connections. Our employee networks and interest groups recognize the shared experiences and interests of our people. We encourage participation. Meet our communities.


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“The Abilities Network has helped me find a community where I belong and can help others. We aim to bring awareness to the contributions and challenges of, and resources available to, employees with a disability and/or have family members with a disability. The best part is getting to help others through our actions as a team, like ensuring ramps or closed captioning is available.” —  Angie Larson, Ball Corporation
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African Diaspora

“The African Diaspora Ball Network (ADBN) Supports Ball Corporation's initiatives by building a legacy of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration with resources, career development, recruitment and retention of diverse ethnic talent, and fostering a connection with our community.  I've had the privilege of serving a few different terms as a Co-Lead of the ADBN, and I'm always appreciative of the opportunity, but more so, the experience of working with such passionate and talented members and friends as we work toward our goals is rewarding.” — Clarence Crosby, Business division
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“The Asian Ball Network is dedicated to creating an inclusive community to learn, grow, support and celebrate together. We address the challenges facing Asian-American and Pacific-Islander individuals by expanding and fostering awareness and creating a supportive network and strengthening the community. I really enjoy participating with the group because I am meeting new people and one of my favorite things, talking about food and culture.”  — Dorothy Rasco, Ball Aerospace
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“Cultural Awareness of the Religions of Employees (CARE) offers members the opportunity to connect with and impact our diverse corporate community on a global scale. I, like all of our group members, am drawn to CARE by an interest I have to learn more about religious faiths, cultures, beliefs and observances.” — Paul Snider, Ball Aerospace
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“The Pride Ball Network is committed to supporting and promoting an equitable workplace while also creating an environment that is friendly, inclusive, and safe for every LGBTQ+ team member. Being a co-lead for the PBN has granted me opportunities to connect with and learn from other LGBTQ+ employees from different races, cultures, gender identities, ability statuses, and other social characteristics. Being able to highlight diverse talent while evolving allies into advocates makes the Ball For All philosophy possible.” — Stephen Rock, Ball Aerospace 
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“The Women's Ball Network works to create a sense of belonging and connection for women at Ball. We strive to help foster an inclusive work environment and ensure that women have networks, allies and resources to feel supported and empowered in their career journeys. Being a co-lead of the WBN is incredibly rewarding; I'm inspired to be partnering with incredible women and men throughout the organization to reinforce the company’s core values, including acting as One Ball.” — Kate Kimball
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“The Veteran's Network proudly celebrates the contributions that the Veterans of the US Armed Forces have made. Being able to come together and promote community, camaraderie, and an inclusive environment; all to support personal and professional development as ONE Ball is great. The Veterans Network and the support Ball Corporation gives to hire, promote and retain Veterans of the Armed forces is something I am proud to actively support.” — Jared Ruger, Business division
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Young Professionals

“The Young Professionals Ball Network exists to support employees in the early stages of their professional careers. We seek to enable members across all divisions to learn, connect and grow by offering community partnership, recycling, mentoring, networking and professional development events directed at developing the skills necessary to advance professional effectiveness. As a co-lead, it is very rewarding to build relationships with young professionals across all divisions and to help develop the future leaders of Ball.” — Jolene Welch, Business division

Interest Groups

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Astronomy and Photography

“The Astronomy and Photography Interest seeks to foster a social space to share stories, provide new perspectives, learn, and ask questions about this hobby cultivating a community that better sees the world around them. Our goal is to connect a diverse group of Ball employees and their families through a common interest in these hobbies and we welcome all individuals to participate, regardless of experience, equipment, location or ability. As co-lead, I look forward to this journey to strengthen D&I at Ball through a shared passion for this hobby.” — Jan Rey Garma
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Green Team

“The Green Team's mission is to empower sustainable living through education and volunteerism which enables our members to take action on environmental issues. My participation in the Group over the years has given me the opportunity to help create moments that educate, empower, and offer hope to the group as our society faces the effects of climate change.” — Jenn Perez, Business division
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“We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop leadership and communication skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and professional growth. Learning valuable tools to add to my leadership and communication ‘toolbox’ while having the opportunity to connect with corporate and aerospace personnel.” — Heidi J Bridges, Business division
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