Alberto Conti

Alberto Conti

Vice President and General Manager, Civil Space

As Vice President and General Manager of Civil Space, Dr. Alberto Conti is responsible for Ball Aerospace’s portfolio of civil space systems that span across all science fields, operational weather and Earth observation, as well as advanced technologies development objectives.

Conti joined Ball in September 2018 as the Director of New Business and Innovative Solutions for Civil Space where he was responsible for managing new business activities for NASA, NOAA, and other civilian U.S. government agencies as well as for academia and other science organizations. Previously, Conti served as the Innovation Manager for Civil Space at Northrop Grumman. He also served as the James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) innovation scientist at the Space Telescope Science Institute, the current science operations center for the Hubble Space Telescope and the current science and mission operations center for Webb. He served as the Hubble Space Telescope chief engineer for Data Management, the Development Manager for the Community Missions Office, and the Project Manager for the data archive of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer space mission.

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